Organ Renovation

The pipe organ is at the centre of a thriving musical programme that benefits schools, musical societies, students as well as weekly services. However, the instrument is 78 years old and the original electrical wiring is now severely worn and breaking down, resulting in the failure of notes and stops to function. With the imminent danger of the wiring deteriorating completely the organ will become unusable.

The renovation project will replace the failing electrical wiring. Furthermore, this replacement also provides a unique opportunity to greatly improve the instrument's tonal range. This will address the original specification's inability to cope with the demands made by both the classical repertoire as well as more recent choral and organ music. Therefore the project will also add three modest stops, which most efficiently remedies the current deficiencies.

Restoring the organ to working order and fulfilling its potential to meet the musical demands made on it, will ensure that the popular concerts, tuition and scholarship, and school, civic and regular services, which all rely on the organ, will continue to flourish, grow and benefit the community.

Project Breakdown

The total cost has been quoted at £60,000

The first part of the project will ensure that the organ is brought to full working order. This will require a extensive overhaul of the technical elements that enable an organ to work, including replacing the electrics and wiring, and reparing the pipes, pedal-board and wind systems - £40,000

The second part of the project will enable the organ to remedy the deficiencies in the original specification and enable it to meet the repetoire demands made on it.

  • A new 3 Rank Mixture in a new chest- £9,500

  • A new 16ft Trombone - £7,500

  • A new solo 8ft Great Flute (by extending the current 16ft) - £500

  • A new Peterson 16 stage Swell shade operator to replace the current ineffective operator- £2,500

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