• “Our hearts are restless until they find their rest in God” - Saint Augustine

  • We can feel pulled in many different directions, searching for meaning, longing for truth and lasting contentment. Christian faith invites you to come home to the heart of all things; to know God, the inexhaustible source of meaning, truth and joy.

    Knowing God is not like knowing a fact or theory, but is instead a relation, through which one can make true sense of one's life and the world. Christian faith then is not irrational and out-dated superstition, nor submission to propositions and rules. Rather, it is a whole-life response to being addressed by God in Jesus Christ.

    Jesus calls every person by name to share and participate in his divine life; to discover profound and lasting freedom, love, forgiveness and hope. Following Jesus as redeemer and teacher is an endlessly enriching, transformative and lifelong journey. Christians also have much to learn from each other; sharing faith and coming to know Jesus through the particular ways in which people live and interconnect with his Holy Spirit.

    Our hearts are restlessly longing for God, because each one of us has been created to share in his life. Through Jesus you are invited to become one of God’s adopted children, heirs of his glory, sharing in his kingdom.

    You are warmly invited to explore these pages as a taste of what Christian faith means.

    Going Further

    Knowing Jesus is inseparable from participating in his life, responding to him and living out his love. Until Jesus comes again, he lives and acts through the Church, in its sacraments and its mission to proclaim Jesus’ good news. Belonging to Jesus begins through baptism, confirmation and the Eucharist. To explore more please contact the vicar, who will be happy to hear from you.

    At All Saints’ we are here to worship God, proclaim Jesus' good news, support each other as a community, and share the wisdom and beauty of the Christian tradition. You are warmly welcome to any of our services. You may also be interested in exploring more through a small discussion group.

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    All Saints' Church, Hockerill belongs to the Diocese of St. Albans, part of the Church of England.

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